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Bought my very first website domain and it feels exciting!

Yesterday, for some bizarre reasons, I clicked “Purchase” on my other existing blogsite on WordPress. I wanted to drop the word, wordpress so I clicked Hah! Then I end up having two. 

Anyhow, I am writing this because it totally got me excited. Yes, my very own .com address. Does it make me feel like a legit blogger? Perhaps! 

I will be sharing things about myself, about my children, my relationship, my aspirations, travels, food trips, and of course, shopping!

It’s Friday now here in Singapore. I can’t say TGIF yet as I have tons of work to do. I will be seeing my kids next week, they are in Manila with my parents, so I plan to share that with you.

For now, let me enjoy my “feeling-legit-blogger” moment.

Happy Friday everyone!



My Thoughts

Working Mom. And studying, too.

It’s been a long time since I have posted something on my blog and I must admit, I missed writing. In fact recently, I realised, I love writing. I love everything that I can do while using my dependable Macbook Air and the Internet.

I’m still based in Singapore, now working in a freight forwarding company doing payroll. I started a new journey, studying it is. I am taking up masters in Development Communication. Yey! It is through an online distance learning mode from the University of the Philippines Open University (UPOU).

I have been wanting to take up a masters degree. To upgrade myself and do something productive on my free time. My first intention was to take up an MBA but after doing my research on the schools here in Singapore and online as well, it would probably cost me roughly around 15000SGD and up for a two year course. Well, I can’t afford that and if I can, I would probably think of just saving that for my kids’ school tuition fees. So, one day, I was browsing through UPOU’s website and stumbled upon MDC as they call it or Masters in Development Communication.

I found out that MDC has a very interesting curriculum. From digital media, to editing, marketing, to make it short, everything that my caught my attention. And yes, it got me very, very excited.

Application was a breeze. One issue I encountered, I needed to get an original transcript of records from my alma matter, which took me waiting for two weeks. Side story, when I went to my university, the clerk search for my student number and she was not able to find mine. Funny she commented, your student number is dinosaur era. Hah!

Two weeks after, I managed to complete all the requirements and here I am. My online school journey started on February 1, 2017, and since then submitted three papers and completed two assignments online.

It is a good experience. I am hoping to shift to a marketing/ digital/ advertising profession in the very near future, as I am feeling that that is my calling. Fingers crossed.

As an OFW, I believe that it is a good idea to upgrade oneself and eventually live a life of where your passion is. I am starting (yes, at age 36) to realise my dreams, I claim that it’s never too late. I am just thankful to be around someone who supports my dreams. So, I hope those who will read my article, to be inspired and start getting on your feet to follow your dreams.

If you are interested, you can check out the University of the Philippines Open University (UPOU) website,

Til my next post!